Greed is Good Green is Great

When wily financier Jack Vance sees the world’s billionaires investing in renewables, he knows it’s not to save the planet but to feather their own nests. But how? It doesn’t take him long to discover that the badly misnamed renewables industry is nothing more than a massive, government taxpayer-funded “handouts” industry. Governments worldwide are giving […]

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Three Gripping Crime Thrillers

Nearly 900 pages … Three Gripping Crime Thrillers, The CEO, Revenge Of The CEO and White Collar Blackmail, guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat. What Amazon readers are saying: ‘The CEO is up there with the great financial masterpieces.’ ‘The least likable character in the world makes for a riveting read.’ […]

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A Deadly Partner

When a prestigious stockbroking firm gets into financial trouble, it’s bailed out by a sinister and mysterious figure … a silent and deadly partner. Soon he is using the firm to do dirty deals and rip-off the public. An irresistible suspense thriller. Fatal accidents follow those who oppose or challenge him How many will have […]

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An Unholy Union

With the Las Vegas mob snapping at his heels, young builder Luke Cramer fearing for the safety of his wife and baby son heads to Australia’s Gold Coast. After getting a lucky break, Luke starts his own building business, and within a few years, is a millionaire. However, the lawless and violent Builders Laborers and […]

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Blood Gold in the Congo

Inspired by true events. “This is an outstanding read and simply a wonderful action/adventure story.” – Reader’s Favorite When twelve-year-old Congolese boy, Joseph Muamba, is sold to a wealthy American family he wants to die. Eventually, he comes to love the family and lives the life of the all-American boy. However, he cannot rid himself […]

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Beauty and the Scalpel

When young, New York plastic surgeon, Jack Donahue’s reputation is destroyed, he changes his name and makes a fresh start in Sydney. Blessed with unique surgical skills and driven by greed and lust, it’s not long before Donahue is a multimillionaire, but he wants more – much more. Handsome, narcissistic and cruel, when Donahue sees […]

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White Collar Blackmail

Directors and executives of public corporations are dying in mysterious circumstances. Their only connection is irregular share dealings that took place in their companies before their deaths. When young auditor, Todd Hansen, runs up a huge gambling debt with illegal bookies, he finds himself in serious trouble. The only way he can pay them is […]

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Revenge Of The CEO: A Gripping Crime Thriller (The Executive Thrillers Series Book 2)

What would you do if you were framed by the woman you lusted after, and sentenced to twenty years in an Asian prison? Would it make any difference if the heinous crimes that you’d gotten away with carried far longer sentences? Would knowing that your actions led directly to the suicide of your financial controller […]

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Dirty Fracking Business

The air and water in the Fisher Valley were pristine before a large energy corporation conned farmers and landowners into letting it have access to their land. Once on the land, it drilled and fracked coal seams deep below the surface, without a care for the air, ground and water it was polluting. When little […]

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The CEO: A Gripping Crime Thriller (The Executive Thrillers Series Book 1)

Douglas Aspine was a cold, calculating despot who lusted for the riches and power that came with being a public company CEO. He was forty-five and running out of time when fate dealt him an unexpected opportunity. An irresistible crime thriller. The company was old, staid and well-respected, but it was underperforming, and Aspine was […]

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