BookBub Rules

What BookBub tells potential subscribers. ‘Access Blog Posts You’ll Love and Get Recommendations From People You Trust At BookBub®. You Can Sign Up, Share Your Preferences & You’ll Discover Deals Picked By Our Editors. Daily Deal Alerts. Affordable Bestsellers. Ebooks from $0.99. Discount Alerts.’ What hurdles must an author’s book jump before being selected for a Featured Deal? BookBub claims that before its […]

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Gasland Refugees

This book like no other delves into the exploitation of small communities by gas companies. Here is the irrefutable evidence of the detrimental effects of fracking.  ‘Gasland Refugees is the true story of a human tragedy that continues to unfold because governments around the world are too gutless to stand up to this voracious, all-powerful […]

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The Magic of BookBub

For authors, winning a BookBub Featured Deal is almost a license to print money. However, getting a book selected by BookBub’s editorial team is a major feat. Some self-published authors have been rejected up to 28 times, and are still trying. The Magic of BookBub is a warts and all procedural that seeks to help authors […]

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Pass the Sugar

Pass The Sugar’ (Joe’s catch phrase after he wins a big pot) takes readers on a journey that many dream of … from playing home games of Poker with friends to becoming a multimillionaire world Poker champ. Joe’s story proves that dreams can come true. The book gives insights into how Joe plays the cards […]

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