The Big Con (A Josh Kennelly Gripping Crime Thriller Book 5)

Felicity Lomax has no idea that Alistair Morgan is a conman.

Now she’s staring at bankruptcy and stands to lose her business, her house, and her self-esteem.

Breaking hearts and destroying lives means nothing to Alistair.

All that matters is the euphoric sensation that courses through him after he’s scammed another victim out of their hard-earned cash.

When Felicity begs Josh Kennelly for help to recover her money, he doesn’t have a clue about how he’s going to outwit the conman.

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Excerpts from reviews

I feel this book is an excellent addition to an exceptional series and I highly recommend it to all.


Peter Ralph has produced the best Josh Kennelly book in the series yet.


All in all, this was a terrific story, just like all of the other Kennelly books.

Teresa Collins

The book is an excellent expose of the sophisticated con that goes on with vulnerable small business owners.


Very good book. It was fascinating to see how the con man was outsmarted. It was equally interesting to see how the con man became a con man.

Kindle customer