Greed is Good Green is Great

When wily financier Jack Vance sees the world’s billionaires investing in renewables, he knows it’s not to save the planet but to feather their own nests. But how?
It doesn’t take him long to discover that the badly misnamed renewables industry is nothing more than a massive, government taxpayer-funded “handouts” industry. Governments worldwide are giving away hundreds of billions, and the ever-helpful billionaires are keen to assist them.
It’s a honeypot for fast buck merchants, and Vance can smell the rich aroma of honey. Subsidies, cheap loans, tax breaks, grants, carbon credits, and rapid approval of any loony project from hot rocks to waves — so long as the goal is green energy.
Ever the opportunist, Vance deals himself into the “handouts” game, knowing it will make him a billionaire.
Surprisingly, not everyone loves renewables, and a small group of terrorists claiming that they’re protecting bats and flying foxes are out to thwart him.
Vance can almost taste the billions when death strikes …

Excerpts from reviews

“Green is a good word for what seem to be environmental improvements, but is also the color of money. Spectacular novel!”

“Peter Ralph returns to the genre he knows best, financial crimes. This time taking on those that exploit the environment for profit.”