Gasland Refugees

This book like no other delves into the exploitation of small communities by gas companies. Here is the irrefutable evidence of the detrimental effects of fracking. 

‘Gasland Refugees is the true story of a human tragedy that continues to unfold because governments around the world are too gutless to stand up to this voracious, all-powerful industry. It’s easier for politicians to turn a blind eye to the destruction and havoc this industry wreaks — they are just too greedy or too scared to take the industry on. I feel for the unwitting victims — my friends and neighbours, their children, their
pets and their livestock. I hate to call them this, but they are nothing more than Collateral Damage. We are left with polluted air, water and earth, devastated communities, devalued properties and fractured lives thrown into economic and emotional turmoil, while the energy companies smirk all the way to the bank.

To those like me, fighting this unfair fight, we must never give up. If I did not believe that good would ultimately prevail over evil, I would’ve surrendered long ago. We must stand strong.’
Tara Meixsell, activist and author of Collateral Damage

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