Fog City Fraud (A Josh Kennelly Gripping Crime Thriller Book 1)

When war hero Josh Kennelly returns from Iraq and Afghanistan, he craves nothing but anonymity.

Drawn into a life and death situation where a man is holding a knife to a young girl’s throat on the ledge of a high-rise building, Josh has no choice but to act, but he is too late.

When the man plunges to his death, San Francisco’s streets come to a standstill.

Did he fall or did the shock of the bullet that ripped his shoulder apart kill him?

What had made this homely, family man snap?

When the man’s alluring daughter begs Josh to find out why her father was killed, how can he refuse?

Endless twists and turns will have you guessing. Get your copy of Fog City Fraud now!

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Excerpts from reviews

Fog City Fraud is a gripping financial thriller.

Southern Editor

Short, sweet and savvy.

D. F, Bailey

Just enough romance to keep reader interested and the characters were believable.

Robert Affolter

A tight story about a Ponzi scheme.


Excellent Financial Thriller.