BookBub Rules

What BookBub tells potential subscribers.
‘Access Blog Posts Youll Love and Get Recommendations From People You Trust At BookBub®. You Can Sign Up, Share Your Preferences & Youll Discover Deals Picked By Our Editors. Daily Deal Alerts. Affordable Bestsellers. Ebooks from $0.99. Discount Alerts.’

What hurdles must an author’s book jump before being selected for a Featured Deal?
BookBub claims that before its expert editorial team selects a book for a Featured Deal, it must pass a daunting five-step Curation Process, and even if it does, it may not be chosen. BookBub receives approximately 300 submissions every day and rejects 86% of them.

Does BookBub comply with its undertakings?
Using facts and examples, BookBub Rules examines the undertakings BookBub makes to readers and authors.

Does BookBub ‘only’ select and promote quality books? … You be the judge!

Excerpts from reviews

“BookBub Rules gives you a realistic look at one of the premier book promoters, what you can expect, and some of the tips to assist you in creating a successful promotion. It is well worth reading. Especially before you invest in promoting your book.”