Not for the faint hearted


Irish author, Kerry Donovan, is one of those wordsmiths who writes so eloquently that I’d probably read his shopping lists. An international bestselling author of police procedurals, Kerry has just branched out into what I call the Jack Reacher genre. It’s escapism, non-stop action and extreme violence.

Kerry’s foray into this genre is titled Ryan Kaine: On the Run. Superbly written, I enjoyed it immensely, but it is not for the faint hearted. The following excerpt expresses the level of violence far more graphically that I can describe.

Kaine dug his toes into the footpath and worked his way upwards, edging towards Shooter’s neck. He pushed his face close. Shooter tucked in his chin, but too late. Kaine found the soft tissue at the big man’s throat. He bit down hard on salty skin and locked his jaws.
Shooter gagged and squirmed. He flailed, kicked, and tried to buck Kaine off, but Kaine, the limpet, refused to let go. The blows stopped as Shooter’s free hand found Kaine’s forehead and tried to push him off. Kaine clamped down harder, tearing, rending, crushing.
It was Kaine or Shooter. No quarter, no surrender.
Fingernails dug into Kaine’s flesh, gouging, frantic.
Hot blood spilled into Kaine’s mouth and he gagged. He tasted salt and iron. Gristle crunched.
Shooter’s gun arm weakened as he focused all his attention on dragging Kaine’s teeth from his throat. His fingers searched for Kaine’s eyes. Kaine relaxed his jaws and pulled his head away.
Air gurgled through Shooter’s crushed windpipe.

Ryan Kaine: On the Run can be yours for only $0.99 until the 31 May, after which it will be priced at $3.99. If you like Lee Childs’ novels, you’ll love Ryan Kaine: On the Run. Please click these links to download your copy now:

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