Dying for the Highlife


Dave Stanton is my favourite author of hard-boiled, crime, thrillers, and his Dan Reno series novels are real page turners. Unlike most series, you can read Dan Reno in any order as each novel is a separate and complete story. Better still, there are no annoying hooks in the last chapter trying to force you to buy the next book. Dave doesn’t need to do that because once you read one Dan Reno novel you’ll want to read more.

“Dying for the Highlife was my third Dan Reno/Dave Stanton novel. I have enjoyed them all, but so far, Dying for the Highlife is my favorite.

A ‘down and outer’ who has wasted his life drinking whiskey and frequenting whore houses gets lucky and wins a $43 million lottery. Suddenly, long lost family members are chasing him for their share as are crooks that he’s associated with over the years.

Dave Stanton cleverly weaves a number of plots and subplots together to produce an outstanding, hard to put down read. I read Dying for the Highlife in one session, something that I only normally do with John Grisham novels.

The Dan Reno series is made up of standalone novels. There are no annoying hooks in the last chapters enticing you to buy the next book in the series. Stanton doesn’t need to do this because once you’ve read one Dan Reno novel, you’re going to want to read the rest.

The writing is flawless, the story is gripping and this is a 5-star novel in all ways”.

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Want to know more about Dying for the Highlife? This short 5-star Amazon review neatly sums it up.

‘Loved this book which combines crime, murder, mystery and humour with loads of adventure. Jimmy Homestead is a loser and not a very nice guy, so when he wins a 43 million dollar lottery, everyone wants a piece of it and of the guy that they all feel owes them because of their past relationships. Most of them, not good. Dan Reno joins in the fun when he is hired by Jimmy’s step mother, Sheila. The author did a great job in this adventure with the twists and turns that keep the reader glued to the pages.’ P.S, Winnr.

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I know you’re going to enjoy Dying for the Highlife.

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