3D Bone Maker

Hi all,

Bone Maker (series Book 1) by D F Bailey is a superb, five-star story told by a fine author. Better still, IT’S FREE and the Amazon link is http://goo.gl/ISNWQw
Bone Maker is not a long novel but it has some remarkable twists and turns. I am reluctant to go into details about the story for fear that I will spoil the plot. I found it impossible to put this novel down and finished it in one session.

The author develops his characters brilliantly and forces readers to develop an empathy with the hero, Finch. He does an equally fine job with the villain who I’ll not name.

I am a fierce critic of series books that are not standalone novels. There is a big hook in the last chapter of Bone Maker that would normally earn my disdain and the loss of a star. However, Bone Maker is a complete novel even though the author cleverly sets up the next book in the series.

If you enjoy Bone Maker (Series Book 1), here are the links to the next books in the series:
Stone Eater (Series Book 2) http://goo.gl/hTjiWK
and Lone Hunter (Series Book 3) http://goo.gl/obzwt8
which are available for $2.99 each until the 30 April, after which they’ll increase to $3.99.
I know you’ll enjoy the Bone Maker.