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Hi folks,

I’m looking to give my recently released novel, Beauty and the Scalpel, a little kick along so I’m heavily discounting it and throwing in White Collar Blackmail(Amazon rating 4.8) for FREE. Each promotion is separate. You don’t have to download one to get the other.

If you enjoy either of the above novels please leave a review. Even if you don’t enjoy them please leave a review.

Honest reviews, good, bad or indifferent are a writer’s lifeblood.

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White Collar Blackmail is yours for FREE    

White Collar Blackmail is the story of a young auditor corrupted by the mob who provides them with inside information about his firm’s clients. Imprisoned for nine years, he is given a way out – but it could cost him his life. Normally $3.99 but
FREE on Amazon from 9 – 11 April.
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Beauty and the Scalpel is yours for only 99c       

Beauty and the Scalpel is the tale of a plastic surgeon driven by greed and lust. Handsome, narcissistic and cruel, when he sees an opportunity to become super wealthy, he seizes it. Will greed be his downfall? SAVE 75%.
Normally $3.99 but $0.99 on Amazon until the 17 April.
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