Disappearing in Plain Sight FREE from 25-29 March 2016


Dear Reader,
I love high-quality FREE books.
I recently read Disappearing in Plain Sight by Fran Guenette and it was an easy five star review. It’s what I describe as upmarket fiction and Fran’s prose and use of words is not unlike that of Khaled Hoisseini.

I would normally show my review but a fellow-author did a far better job than me with his five star review titled
A beautifully written, evocative novel”.

A few pages into Disappearing in Plain Sight, I knew I was in the hands of a masterful story teller. This book is extremely well written; the pacing, semantics, setting, dialogue, and characterization are all spot on, and the effect is quite powerful. I consider this novel a strong example of literary fiction. It’s definitely head and shoulders above typical genre fiction.
I was drawn into the emotional depth of the characters, as their personal dramas played out during their interactions with each other. The setting is a perfect backdrop, and in fact seems like a character itself. This book is sad, funny, deep, and meaningful. Overall, an excellent study of human nature. It resonates with joy and torment.
For readers who like their fiction deep and meaningful, I highly recommend Disappearing in Plain Sight.

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