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Dear Reader,
I recently read An Englishman’s Guide to Infidelity. It’s a great story and Stuart Campbell is a fine author.

Mr. Campbell has a unique style and the first person narration by different characters is extremely effective. Two deaths are the foundation of a captivating tale. Were they murders or accidents? It depends on who’s talking. An intriguing riddle that keeps you rooting first for one, then another, and yet another! 

Like most excellent novels, it has that intangible ingredient that forces the reader to read one more chapter in the hope that all will be revealed. It’s not! So we continue on into the early hours of the morning reeled in by the author’s cleverly constructed plot, when we should be asleep.

I really enjoyed this novel and I’m pleased to say it can be yours for ONLY $0.99 until the 11 February 2016 when it will revert to its pre-sale price of $3.03. Here is the link http://goo.gl/Txhf10
Good reading,