Revenge Of The CEO



Those of you who have read The CEO will know that the evil, narcissistic Douglas Aspine was framed and sentenced to twenty years in the escape-proof Changi prison. Hate is the fuel that keeps Aspine alive. My EBook, Revenge Of The CEO is the tale of his quest for revenge

Revenge Of The CEO is available for a short time on Amazon from the 17 December for $0.99, instead of the regular price of $2.99.  However, it can be yours for FREE if you join my beta-readers group and consider publishing a review on Amazon. Should you accept my offer, all my future releases will also be FREE to you. When I release a new book in the future, I will send it to you approximately three weeks before publishing.

I will not attempt to influence your review and am just looking for a “no holds barred” published opinion. Reader reviews are every author’s lifeblood. The vicious circle is that no reviews equate to no sales that equate to no reviews. The giving circle is that more reviews beget more sales that beget more reviews. The major advertisers on the internet will not promote books unless that have a certain number of reviews. Every review is important.

I hope you accept my offer, and I look forward to sending Revenge Of The CEO to you. If not, you might like to take the opportunity to buy it on Amazon for $0.99

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