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 PeterRalph_WhiteCollarBlackmail_200pxThe edit of White Collar Blackmail is complete, and the cover is attached. Unfortunately, I made a lot of errors predominantly with word omissions, and I fear the editor, who is first-rate may not have picked all of them up. It still needs to be formatted.  I’ll be sending it to those of you that are part of my reviewers group, two to three weeks before release and in addition to your review, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know if there are any more errors.

There are two book descriptions below, and I’d also appreciate it if you could let me know which you find the most compelling. If you think they’re both lousy, then please don’t hold back. I’d rather know before I publish than after.

I’m going to pre-release this novel, something I’ve not done before. The cover and description will appear on Amazon, and it will be available for pre-ordering. Three weeks later it will be available and I’ll email you prior to this and ask you to post your honest review on the day it’s available. “First-day” reviews are vital and have a real impact on a novel’s success. PLEASE bear in mind that I am not asking you to write a good review…if the book falls short, and you don’t enjoy it, say so. There’ll be no rancor from me. I just appreciate you taking the time to read it.



Description 1: White Collar Blackmail

Executives are dying in mysterious circumstances after unusual dealings in their companies shares.

Young Todd Hansen’s an audit manager who hates accounting and loves gambling on racehorses. He’s on a hot winning win streak, taking the illegal bookies for a fortune, and is about to resign his job when things go awry. In the hole for more than half a million, he’s given a way to pay his debt. All he has to do is provide some confidential financial information about his corporate clients.

Todd’s caught and sentenced to nine years in Castlebrough, New York’s toughest prison. Murderer, mob boss, and chess fanatic, Frank Arturo, runs the prison and Todd catches a lucky break. He’s a champion chess player and is befriended by Arturo.

When Todd’s released on shaky grounds of appeal, the FBI promise they’ll have his sentence remitted if he helps them trap those who blackmailed him. He’s scared, doesn’t want to do it, and knows one slip up will see him dead but what choice does he have?

Description 2: White Collar Blackmail

Directors and executives of public corporations are dying in mysterious circumstances.

Their only connection is irregular share dealings that took place in their companies before their deaths.

When young auditor, Todd Hansen, runs up a huge gambling debt with illegal bookies, he finds himself in serious trouble. The only way he can pay them is by providing confidential information about his firm’s corporate clients.

Caught, and sentenced to nine years in New York’s toughest prison, Todd is given a way out BUT it’s dangerous. There are those who think they’d be safer if he was dead.

Will a chance meeting with a Mafia boss in prison save Todd or will he be killed?


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