White Collar Blackmail


I’ve just sent my 340-page manuscript, White Collar Blackmail, to St Louis for editing. It’s set in Chicago, New York and Geneva and hopefully will be released within 30 days.

It contains most of the ingredients of a good thriller – murder, sex, corruption, blackmail and violence. Here follows a short synopsis:

Executives are dying in mysterious circumstances after shonky dealings in their companies shares.

 Young Todd Hansen’s an audit manager who hates accounting and loves racehorses.

 He’s on a hot winning win streak, taking the illegal bookies for a fortune, and is about to resign his job when things go awry. In the hole for more than half a million he’s given a way to clear his debt. All he has to do is provide some confidential financial information about his corporate clients.

Todd’s caught and sentenced to nine years in Castlebrough, New York’s toughest prison. Murderer, mob boss, and chess fanatic, Frank Arturo, runs the prison and Todd catches a lucky break. He’s a champion chess player and is befriended by Arturo.

When Todd’s released on shaky grounds of appeal, the FBI promise they’ll have his sentence remitted if he helps them trap those who blackmailed him. He’s scared, doesn’t want to do it, and knows one slip up will see him dead but what choice does he have? If he doesn’t, he’ll do nine years!

Reviews are gold whether good, bad or indifferent and I’d rather a lousy review than no review at all. Many of you accepted my invitation to be beta-readers and to review my novels prior to release. Thank you. To those who have not I extend the invitation and promise that if you accept you’ll receive my new releases for free. Further, I will never try and sell you anything.

Good reading!

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Melbourne, Australia

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