An Unlawful Act In Libya

Winston Churchill once said “Democracy isn’t perfect but it will do until something better comes along.

As I was reading An Unlawful Act In Libya: (Based on a true story) by John M W Smith, I was thinking about what Churchill said and how lucky I was to be living in a western democracy. I read this book because of a 5 star review posted on Amazon by fine and prolific reviewer, E.I. Hood. I strongly suggest that you go to Amazon and read her review.

My 5 star review was shorter and is as follows. “Wow! This is one of the easiest 5 stars I have ever given. The writing was superb and the story, although horrendous, was totally gripping. This is easily the best 103 pages that I have ever read.”

This book is so enlightening and parts of it are extremely gruesome. Sometimes with all their faults, we westerners do not appreciate how lucky we are to live in democracies. I guarantee that reading this book will refocus you.

Unfortunately it has an Amazon sale ranking of 568,000 which is a monumental injustice. It does, however, have eight “totally deserved” 5 star reviews. At only $0.95 it must be one of the best VALUE books on Amazon. I strongly recommend it.